This privacy policy sets out how Nitx Games uses and protects any information that you give Nitx Games when you use our website or apps. This privacy policy statement also gives the notice of our information collection procedure and the ways in which this information can be utilized. Clients are advised to check our privacy policy periodically, as it may change with the unstable & inconsistent business environment.

What types of information are collected?

We distinguish between two types of information: personal and non-personal information.
Personal information : We collect no personal information about you or your children through our apps.
Non-personal information : We collect and use non-personal information (Analytical Data) during the use of our apps:

  • Are there any errors in the app? Where and when do they occur?
  • How long do users use our apps?
  • How do our users use our apps, which features are most popular and which ones are used less.
This helps us to gain a better understanding of our users, to draw conclusions for future concepts, and, ultimately, to develop better apps.

Through our privacy policy and content to make him aware of the proper conditions of use of the application.

The use of these implies full and unreserved acceptance of each and every one of the provisions included in this posting, so if you do not agree with any of the conditions set forth herein shall not use and / or access the application.

We reserve the right to modify this Privacy Statement at any time. Your continued use of any portion of this application following notification or posting of such modifications will constitute your acceptance of such changes.

Policy on Personal Data Protection:

As a general principle, this application does not share or disclose information except when authorized by you or in the following cases:

  • When requested by a competent authority and after fulfilling the corresponding legal proceedings and
  • Whenever in the opinion of this application is necessary to enforce the terms of use and other terms on this page, or to safeguard the integrity of others users or the site.
You should be aware that if you voluntarily disclose personal information online in a public area, that information may be collected and used by others.

Use of information:

The app may show advertisements. If that is the case, it might use and advertisement ID provided by your device in order to show ads which are relevant to you. This advertisement ID is anonymous and it might be reset by yourself. For more information about Advertisement ID and/or resetting it if possible, please refer to the privacy policy of the operating system of your device.

The app may store in your device or storage unit some data related to advertisements or other data in order to provide a better user experience. To learn how to delete these data form your device please refer to the device manual and/or privacy policy of your device.

Third-party actions:

Also, you will find within this application, pages, promotions and microsites, online stores, publicists, and / or business partners and services, along with other shared services, own or third parties ("Sites Contributors") that may request information, which this application may disclose information provided by you.

The information provided on these sites is subject to Contributors privacy policies or legends of information that are deployed in these sites and is not subject to this privacy policy. As strongly recommend to users carefully review the privacy policies detailed in participating sites and can be found below.

Contents of applications :

All images posted on our applications have been obtained legally through image banks and are possessors of their respective licenses, except those which are public domain or copyright lacking allocated.

Responsible :

All information provided must be truthful. For these purposes, you guarantee the authenticity of all data communicated as a result of completing the forms necessary for the subscription of the Services, access to content or restricted areas of the site. In any case you will be solely responsible for any false or inaccurate statements made and the damage caused to this application or others for the information provided.

You agree to act responsibly in this application and to treat other visitors with respect.

Contact :

If you have any questions about this Policy or to inquire about licensing our images, please contact us at any time via the contact form available on Google Play or via email

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